reformada por obras y reformas toni joy
New construction
From the very start, we will guide you through all phases of your construction project: conception, planning and execution, all with our seal of approval. In this way, when building to order, we can take your preferences and needs into account, be it for the construction of a single-family home, a block of flats, or a hotel. Our proven experience is your best guarantee for the solvency and success of your project!
Renovations and refurbishments
We carry out the renovation, restoration, remodelling and refurbishment of any property, large or small. We are committed to integral reform projects, aimed at achieving impeccable functional and visual results. We actively manage each step of the work, and examine and handle all official paperwork required.
Obres i reformes toni joy
Joy obres i reformes Hoteles reformados
Hotel reforms
We guarantee a high quality service until the end of the project, providing integral solutions for all construction requirements, both in terms of design and equipment. We specialise in the renovation, remodelling and refurbishment of all types of hotels (city, business and leisure) and holiday homes. Thanks to our years of experience in the tourism sector, we can adapt to each hotel's operating schedule, taking into account local holidays, and offering 24-hour technical assistance.
Building extensions
We present contemporary solutions for building extensions, after examining all available design options. To do this, we carefully analyse the potential of each home or building. The options and results depend in part on the type and size of the structure, but just as important is the use and lifestyle the extension will be put to. We thus create attractive living and working spaces which are conceived as meeting points.
obres i reformes joy edificio reformado
Obres i reformes joy Fachadas
Facade claddings
We improve the appearance of your property while maintaining its essence, especially considering the condition and fabric of the surface on which the cladding is to be applied. We provide definitive solutions for deteriorated surfaces due to moisture and condensation problems, or other waterproofing failures. To find these durable, sustainable and effective solutions, we consider the characteristics of the landscape, and the climatic conditions of the area where the property is located.

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